Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners are volunteers that train individuals in the science and art of gardening. These gardeners pass on the information they learned during their training, as volunteers who advise and educate the public on gardening and horticulture.


All workshops are held outdoors in tents located near the Organic Marketplace (across from the Afternoon Tea). These classes are held separately from the seminars that take place in the Main Lobby. All presentations are free to attend. Spaces may be limited so please arrive early.




Held daily, throughout the day

Ask the Master Gardener: We will have knowledgeable Master Gardeners to answer questions and talk about the propagation, care, and growing of lavender in our climate.


Butterfly Display

Held daily, throughout the day

Real live butterflies, in all different stages, with information on how to attract them to you garden. Come by and visit our beautiful pollinators.


Gardening with Ollas

Held daily, throughout the day

We will display how we took an ancient irrigation concept. used for thousands of years, and reintroduced into today’s garden to provide water conservation that brings stability to your garden.


Fairy Gardens

Held daily, throughout the day

Gardening starts with imagination, what a wonderful way to introduce children to gardening. Our Master Gardeners have put together some beautiful examples to spark imagination.



Held daily, throughout the day

This form of raising crops goes back to the Aztecs.  Modern technology has enhanced it to provide better, faster yield.


Water Wise Landscaping

Held daily, throughout the day

Our Master Gardeners, along with the Western Municipal Water District will provide information on this very current topic.  We will provide handouts, to include a beautiful book on how to plan and landscape your yard. They will be (ongoing giving away a book called 'SO CAL YARD TRANSFORMATION', while supplies last.


HLB Greening Disease (5 days)

We will bring awareness to the disease that is plaguing our Citrus in Riverside and the state of California.   Our information will help the back-yard gardener understand what they need to do to protect their trees and become part of the state-wide efforts.



June 7-9 & 14-15  (10 am-5 pm)

The University of California Entomology Department will bring a very popular display of bug’s and talk to people about  good bugs versus bad bugs.



The Master Gardeners will have a table from their desert Master Gardener Program, to help answer questions on how to grow plants in the desert. There will be displays of desert lavender and other interesting tips on how to make things grow in the extreme heat.




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